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The · Heart · of · the · Labyrinth

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Title: In the Garden

Summary: In a garden, especially a magical dream construct of one, you never know who might come walking down the path.

A Supernatural/Doctrine of Labyrinths crossover. This takes place pre-series Supernatural so no changes to canon there, but it's mid-Corambis (the final book) for Doctrine of Labyrinths so it's mildly AU for that series.

Characters: Felix Harrowgate, Wizard (formerly of the Curia); Thamuris, Celebrant Celestial (of the Euryganeic Covenant); and Dean Winchester, Hunter (and general badass)

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I did have fun playing with them. I give them back essentially the same as I found them.

Rating: PG / Gen

Contains: Language, magic, magical bees, no violence, but there are mentions of past rape/abuse/torture (canon), serious illness of a major character (canon), and essentially no plot.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12490144
ff.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12700804/1/In-The-Garden
(So if you find it somewhere else, please let me know.)
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Long time no see! But there is news!


In case you haven't heard, Ace dropped Sarah Monette and Tor picked her up but under a different name, Katherine Addison. She has a new book coming out on April 1st (and Amazon better have it on my door step tomorrow)! Above is a link to the first four chapters. Please discuss!

The only trouble I have is pronouncing the names of the Court and some of the names of the characters. But I really like it so far. I feel so bad Maia and all the confusion he's going through. I like the way they talk, kinda reminds me of Kay Brightmore from Corambis.

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I hope nobody finds this too off-topic. :)
http://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-importance-of-kings-nipples.html TYWKIWDBI linked to an article about bog mummies with the excerpted text:

Seven years ago, not far from Dublin in the town of Clonycavan, County Meath, and near Croghan Hill, County Offaly, two bog bodies were found within three months of each other. Clonycavan Man had been severed in half by a peat-cutting machine, but scientists from Archaeological Development Services, who were hired by the peat company, were able to recover his body from the torso up. His skull had been split open, likely by a stone ax, and the bridge of his nose was also struck, probably with the same weapon...

Examining the details of both men’s lives and deaths has led Kelly to suggest a new way of looking at the meaning of eight well-preserved Irish bog bodies. “I believe these men were failed kings or failed candidates for kingship who were killed and placed in bogs that formed important tribal boundaries. Both Clonycavan and Old Croghan men’s nipples were pinched and cut. “Sucking a king’s nipples was a gesture of submission in ancient Ireland,” says Kelly. “Cutting them would have made him incapable of kingship.”

The original article was found in the May/June 2010 article of Archeology http://www.archaeology.org/1005/bogbodies/clonycavan_croghan.html . Have some more bog body articles as well http://www.archaeology.org/1005/bogbodies/ .
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I have a couple of  theories about 2 things in DOL which have been puzzling me:

1. Why does Mildmay dislike Murtagh on sight?

2. Why is it that Felix is so against 'doing women'?

In answer to the first question, I think that because Murtagh reminds Felix of Malkar, Mildmay must have a similar feeling of recognition too, maybe subconsciously, so he instinctively reacts to him the way he does, also considering he's never really worked out the issues of what was done to him while he was being captive.
Felix is forced to interact with Murtagh, and finds out that he's not like Malkar at all, so he's ok with him.

About the second question, I wonder if Felix feels so strongly about it because he does not want to risk fathering a child?
If he accidentally made some strange woman pregnant, in his mind (growing up in Melusine where so many children are abandoned to roam in feral packs or are sold to keepers/brothels) there is a distinct possibility his child could end up having a fate similar to his own, and considering the kind of childhood he had, he wouldn't want to wish it on his worst enemy.

Any thoughts?
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I looked back a bit (maybe not back far enough?) but didn't see any commentary on "Somewhere Beneath Those Waves." Anybody else picked it up? I thought it was excellent. If anybody's interested, want to talk about the stories? Possibly we could set up a schedule and discuss one at a time?
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Thanks to "Corambis," now, whenever I hear of Bog Mummies, I think of the book. Which adds an interesting fannish layer to something I was already interested in. Anyway, thought some of you might enjoy this article about Bog Mummies http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/17961 . Basically, intentional (as opposed to folks who just fell in the bogs and got burried) Bog Mummies and Crouch Burials in general (because they may have soaked in the bog a bit first) may be composites-- cobbled together from different people, not just one person. So... not directly related to Monette's work, but still possibly relevant to interests here.
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I noticed that on amazon.co.uk paperback copies of The Mirador and Corambis are selling for ridiculous prices. Well if you are in London and want to get some copies, I saw The Mirador and Corambis pbks. in Waterstones Goodge St. at £7.99, and Corambis in Forbidden Planet for £5.99. Not many copies left, 1 or 2 of each.
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Just wanted to share this pic I found recently, probably the best fanart I have seen of the series:

The details, the colours, the expressions are just amazing.
I love Felix's purple coat, as Mildmay would say 'a peacock needs his feathers'.
Well done to the artist!

Website: http://capucinemazille.com/page7.htm

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I haven't read all the messages posted in the past, so not sure if you've already discussed this, but what are your favourite sections in the books?
To start with Mélusine, my most re-read bit is definitely chapter 8, when Felix and Mildmay meet in Hermione, and not less importantly, when Mildmay and Shannon meet for the first time. Talk about chalk and cheese!
I liked the bit in the tower when the annemer were standing together in a corner while the wizards were trying to banish the fantome, and on hearing Mildmay and Bernard talk 'Lord Shannon gave us this look like he'd found a dead rat under his bed, and moved further away'.
What a difference to the end of The Mirador when the two brothers are on their way out of Mélusine and they meet Shannon. By then he treats Mildmay quite differently!
I was also puzzled in that section when Shannon is nosing around and about to step into the circle, Felix warns him not to. Could the fantome do something to an annemer? I was under the impression that he could possess/manipulate only wizards. Or is it the same as ghouls, bad for everybody?
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Hello again,

great to read in the comments to my previous post that people are still interested in discussing Felix&Mildmay et al.!

I'm up to the end of The Mirador in my reread, but I want to go back and check some sections again before I move on to Corambis. It's amazing how many times you can pore over these books and still find new things you hadn't noticed before!

A couple of questions that I haven't been able to answer so far, maybe you could help me:

1. When Mildmay is running from Rindleshin and his gang he is carrying a jewel box, a clock and a statuette. He has to run from roof to roof and at one point he lands (quite heavily I suspect!) on a gargoyle. So how did he manage not to lose or break the stuff he's carrying? Later when he meets Ginevra he says he's wearing a special coat with concealed inner pockets that lets him carry stuff around safely, but I don't think he was wearing that earlier.

2. Towards the beginning of Melusine when he's talking about dying his hair dark, he says he cannot understand people like Felix Harrowgate and some other person dying their hair with henna (he doesn't know Felix's hair is naturally red like his own). Is this some rumour he has heard? He obviously hasn't met Felix before the hotel in Hermione or he would have noticed the family resemblance.

I'll try to add tags but please do let me know if I make a mess...

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