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Favorite bits in Melusine?

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I haven't read all the messages posted in the past, so not sure if you've already discussed this, but what are your favourite sections in the books?
To start with Mélusine, my most re-read bit is definitely chapter 8, when Felix and Mildmay meet in Hermione, and not less importantly, when Mildmay and Shannon meet for the first time. Talk about chalk and cheese!
I liked the bit in the tower when the annemer were standing together in a corner while the wizards were trying to banish the fantome, and on hearing Mildmay and Bernard talk 'Lord Shannon gave us this look like he'd found a dead rat under his bed, and moved further away'.
What a difference to the end of The Mirador when the two brothers are on their way out of Mélusine and they meet Shannon. By then he treats Mildmay quite differently!
I was also puzzled in that section when Shannon is nosing around and about to step into the circle, Felix warns him not to. Could the fantome do something to an annemer? I was under the impression that he could possess/manipulate only wizards. Or is it the same as ghouls, bad for everybody?
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On June 13th, 2012 09:50 am (UTC), felixeyes commented:
Oh yes, the whole thing in the Klepsydra labyrinth is fab. I like the fact that Felix starts playing Sherlock Holmes in Florian's room, but Mildmay soon takes charge and goes out of the window and climbs the ivy down to the courtyard. Then despite being mad at Felix and hating stairs because of his leg, he follows him and Mehitabel down to the labyrinth because 'Felix could get lost in a teacup'! Etc etc etc.

I don't think that Methony's cult was the White-Eyed Lady's. According to Mildmay
"My mother converted into one of them faddy little cults that come and go in the Lower City like mayflies. This particular one died in the Fire, along with all its members".
From what Gideon says, the Lady's cult was way older than that.
Maybe there is some confusion because when he is in the Klepsydra labyrinth Felix says at one point:
"Mikkary flowed in my veins like blood. I was more truly the White-Eyed Lady's child than the child of Methony Feucoronne...".
(with thanks to Amazon for their Search Inside This Book option)
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